Blue cave diving

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  • Duration: 150 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: 国頭郡, 沖縄
  • Product code: EN-OKN-6004-60041 


Diving in a mysterious space!

Onna Village is one of the best resort areas in Okinawa.   At Kyushu-Okinawa Summit, the heads of the participating countries stayed here.  "Blue Cave," the famous diving spot in this village, is a mysterious spot where the sun reflected on the sea illuminates the inside of the cave blue.


1. Onna village area

Onna village is one of the leading resorts in Japan, located about 1 hour by car from Okinawa's tourist center "Naha."  When the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit was held, the heads of the participating countries have stayed in this place.  In addition, there is a facility of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), "Okinawa Space Communication Center", and it is also a place to track satellites etc.!  You can visit the facility!  While looking at the beautiful starry sky, it may be fun to think about the universe.

2. Take a lecture on land

We will explain the flow of experiential diving on land.  You will learn how to wear a wet suit, how to get to the sea, notes etc. Since the sea is sometimes very dangerous, please listen to the lecture carefullly. We will move on to the experience as soon as the lecture is over.

3. Experience in a shallow water

Firstly, we prepare to dive by experiencing the sensation of sea water in shallow water. If you are not good at the sea or a beginner, there is no problem.  Instructors will teach you kindly.   The diving experience plan of Nagi is given in a small group! Have fun at your own pace!

4. Off we go to Blue cave!

This is how Blue Cave was named after.  The sunlight poured into the cave, reflecting on the highly transparent seawater and illuminating the inside of the cave blue.  Let's enjoy a fantastic blue sight! No worry for those who are not confident yet as instructors escort you  safely. Please take a look at tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs! Okinawa has lots of beautiful seas but the Blue Cave is one of the best !

5. Commemorative photo

Commemorative photographing in the sea is also available in memory of diving♪ As instructors take pictures underwater, memories can be left in shape. Let's take a picture together with the blue transparent sea and the fish swimming lively.


  • Time:150 Minutes
  • Meeting point:MARINE CLUB Nagi [MAP]
    501-3 Yamada, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa-ken E86
  • Age Limit:
    Participation conditions: Must be over 12 years old and in good health condition.
    For people under 20 years old,  a written consent of parents is required. (For children under16 must be accompanied by their parents.)
    For people over 60 years old, a medical certification is required.  People over 65 years old cannot  participate.
    *Participants need to be 120 cm tall.
  • Language support:Japanese, English
  • Excluded:Swimsuits (Bath towel can be rented free of charge.)
  • Other things to note:
    ・Those who cannot participate in the activity:
    ①People on a medical treatment (Prescribed medicine excluding contraceptives, and over-the-counter drugs)
    ②Pregnant people,
    ③People who consumed alcohol within 8 hours. 
    ④People who ever had or currently have brain disease, heart disease, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure., pulmonary pneumothorax, ear disease, nose disease (including rhinitis) , respiratory organ system, other diseases and medical history, who with regular use of drugs regardless of the amount.
    ・People who board a plane on the day cannot participate.
    ・Underwater camera can be rented free of charge (including SD card)
    ・Due to bad weather or similar reasons, the course to Blue Cave may be changed to another course on the day of the tour. In such case, 1,000 yen refund will be made.
    ・If the tour should be cancelled due to bad weather and so no, we will inform the representative of the group of the cancellation by email.
    ・Please arrive at the shop 30 minutes before the departure time.


7 to 4 days before the tour date   40% of the tour price
3 to 2 days before the tour date   60% of the tour price
The day before the tour date, on the day of the tour   100% of the tour price
※Right after the online settlement is made, a cancellation fee of 10% will be incurred in case of cancellation.
※The cancellation fee includes handling charges.