Minakami Half-day Rafting

From JPY ¥9,700.00
  • Duration: 180 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Tone-gun, Gunma
  • Product code: EN-GNM-7013-70132


Minakami Half-day Rafting               


We provide a spring tour and a summer tour. The spring tour is quite different from the summer one, because of the amount of water in each season, which makes the experience you will have pretty different. We recommend that you consider the ideal thrill level you want and choose between the two.


In the spring season, you can enjoy the world-famous white water created by the thawing of snow in the mountains, and get a big thrill. Minakami’s rapid steam is one of the greatest rapids in Japan.


In the summer season, the water level drops and you can enjoy a smooth stream, but the water is not so clear.      

*PLAN DETAILS           

1. Registration before the tour
Please make a registration by using iPad set on the reception desk. 

2. Introduction of the tour guides and the briefing on the tour
In a waiting room, we introduce the tour guides to you and give a briefing on the tour. After the briefing, you are shown to a room where you can change into the clothes for the tour.
3. Briefing on the safety of the tour 

We give a briefing on the safety of the tour at the starting point of the tour. 

4. The start of the tour 

Enjoy the tour. 

5. After the tour is over 

After going back to the base and taking a shower, you can enjoy the pictures of the tour on the monitor feeling relaxed on the deck or you can also download the pictures.




Canyons Minakami

45 Yubiso, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture  379-1728


Take Kan-etsu Expressway at Nerima IC→Minakami IC→Japan National Route 291(towards Tanigawadake)

※If you use a car navigation system, you can search for Canyon Minakami by our address.

※Kan-etsu Expressway gets congested on weekends and holidays, so we recommend that you leave home earlier for the tour.


①Minakami Station on JR Joetsu Line

②Jōmō-Kōgen Station on JR Joetsu Shinkansen

※We provide a pick-up service at Minakami Station and Jōmō-Kōgen Station. (Reservation is required.)

【Age Limit】

13 years and over 




The rental fee for the canyoning equipment, the guide fee, the insurance and the photograph 

【Things to bring】

swimwear, bath towels, health insurance card (A photocopy of the card will do.)

If you use contact lenses, please bring spare contact lenses.

If you wear glasses, we recommend you to use disposable contact lenses for preventing the injury.


・The tour will be held even if it rains. However, please note that the tour may be canceled because of bad weather and/or the water shortage at the destination on the day.

・If your group has a participant under 20 years of age, please notify us in advance. If a participant is under 20 years of age, the document which the participant is supposed to fill in and submit to us on the tour day, must have a parent’s signature on it.  The document can be sent to the participants under 20 years of age who are going to join the tour without their parents. Please note that the participant cannot take part in the tour if the document does not have a parent’s signature. 

・Pregnant women cannot participate in the tour.

・A person who has been drinking cannot participate in the tour regardless of the amount of alcohol intake.  Please also note that if a person cannot participate in the tour because of his drinking alcohol, we will deal with his reservation as a cancellation on the day of the tour.

・There are cases where the time of the tour is changed. Thank you for your understanding.

*Cancellation Policy

15 to 8 days before the tour date 30% of the tour price

7 to 4 days before the tour date 40% of the tour price

3 to 2 days before the tour date 60% of the tour price

The day before the tour date, On the day of the tour 100% of the tour price