Witness an Oyster Harvest & Interact with Local Oyster Farmers!

From JPY ¥3,950.00
  • Duration: 120 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
  • Product code: EN-HSM-4014-40141


Calling all oyster lovers! Learn more about Hiroshima's delicious oysters. Witness fisherman harvest oysters by approaching the oyster raft on a farmer's boat that is exclusively used for this occasion.
Learn the aquaculture method unique to this area, and you will enjoy oysters even more.
(You try the eat grilled oysters.)     


  • Watch the powerful oyster landing site closely from the fishing boat.
  • Learn the secrets of Hiroshima oyster farming from aquaculture craftsmen.
  • Enjoy the unique experience of visiting the World Heritage Itsukushima Shrine from the sea.
  • Watch the masterpiece technique of super-fast scraping oysters..
  • The fisherman's style oyster porridge at the end of the trip is a must-try. (Additional fees apply)


The tour is operated once a day from 7:00
A minimum number of the tour participants: 1

 1. Assemble at Shimada Suisan in the morning! 

For the oyster harvesting experience, we assemble at Shimada Suisan, and go to the oyster farming raft by boat. There is a briefing and preparation for the tour before we board the boat. Then, you will go to the oyster farming place!

*The ship we use for the tour is not a fishing boat designed for oyster harvesting, but a small workboat. This workboat does not have a cabin and a roof, so please dress warmly.

2. Now get ready to sail out on the sea!

We arrive at the oyster farming place within about 10 minutes. You can enjoy watching the oyster harvesting up close, which will be a valuable and amazing experience for you!  The view of a large number of oysters cultured on a 10-meter fishing strand appearing from the sea is really magnificent!

3. The next destination is Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage Site protruding from the sea!

After watching the oyster harvesting, we will proceed to Itsukushima Shrine and view its beauty from the sea. Many people have been visiting Itsukushima Shrine, a shrine for the god of sea traffic, for a long time. They say many people visited the shrine by ship to pray for the safety of their journey before setting sail.

4. Return to Shimada Suisan, and enjoy special fisherman’s dishes! (*Additional fees apply)

After enjoying the beauty of Itsukushima Shrine, we will go back to Shimada Suisan and enjoy special fisherman dishes!  We serve delicious hot rice porridge with fresh oysters to warm you up and help you recover from the cold sea wind. We hope you enjoy the hot rice porridge.

5. The tour is over!  Why not enjoy the hot spa or sightseeing?

The tour ends at Shimada Suisan. If you still have time, why not visit Shimada Suisan’s oyster factory?  Or, you can enjoy a hot spa or head to Miyajima or Hiroshima City for sightseeing.

“I enjoyed talking with the farmer and observing the oyster harvesting process with an unprecedented experience!” (a 51-year-old woman from Hawaii)

【Things to note】

  • Duration:2 Hour(s) (approx.)
  • Meeting Point:Shimada Suisan [MAP]
    *Our tour starts at 7:00 a.m. (Please arrive at Shimada Suisan 10 minutes before the tour starts.)
    1-2-6 Miyajimaguchi Nishi, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima  739-0412
    【On foot From JR or Hiroshima Railways Miyajima-guchi station】
    Turn right (towards Yamaguchi) of the high street(National Route 2)and walk for approx. 10 mins. Then, you will find a big blue billboard of Shimada Suisan (in Japanese) on the left side. Or 5 mins by tax (subject to the traffic)
  • Participation requirements:6 years and over
  • Language support:Japanese
  • Included:Life jacket
  • Other things to note:
    ・This plan is only available in Japanese. Please note that an English-speaking guide will not be provided.
    ・The landing pier and the deck of the boat are very slippery, so make sure you wear clothes and shoes easy to move around in.
    ・The boat used for this tour does not have a cabin and a roof, so please dress warmly.
    ・The boat does not have a restroom, so please make sure you relieve yourself before boarding the boat.
    ・Please arrive at Shimada Suisan 10 minutes before the boat leaves. We apologize in advance that if you arrive late for the departure time, we are supposed to deal with your reservation as a cancellation on the day the tour.
    ・If the tour is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, we will notify you by e-mail by 5:00 p.m. the day before the tour.
    ・The tour runs from around October to the end of April each year.

【Cancellation policy】

Up to 24 hours before the start of the tour: 0%
Within 24 hours of the start of the tour: 100%