Genuine Tate lesson by Tate masters + Tate performance

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  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
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Genuine Tate lesson by Tate masters + Tate performance


Tate (sword battle) is a type of acting that appears in battle scenes of movies. This class is taught by Action Club Eagle (ACE) which has a wide variety of experiences and expertise about Tate. Our representative, Yuki Shiomi, learned acting in Hollywood and appeared in numerous movies and dramas. He is the best instructor if you want to learn Tate!  This class aims at understanding the Japanese mind which values appreciation and caring for others. Some of our instructors have enough English skills to instruct Tate in English for foreign tourists. At the end of the class, you will be like a samurai as you see in movies! Instructors with diverse teaching experiences will help you to film short action movies like real ones.


1.General Introduction to Tate (sword battle)

Introduction to Tate, including the difference between Tate and Kendo (fencing). 

2.Japanese mind "Wa" (harmony)

Introduction about the mind "Caring for others" which we mainly want to convey through Tate. You cannot play Tate without someone to play with. Let's learn about the essential mind for Tate as well as skills.

3. Demonstrations by instructors

Demonstrations of combining skills and techniques you will learn later on. Enjoy the breathtaking Tate performance and imagine yourself of being like that!  

4.Practice how to use a sword

introduction for beginners about how to use a sword. 

5.Introduction about how to act like being cut 

Tate is a type of acting using swords. Therefore, to master Tate, you need to learn how to act like being cut in addition to how to cut. 

6.Filming a video utilizing the skills and techniques you mastered during the class

Instructors with diverse acting experiences help you to film a video in a theme you like. This would be a great opportunity to perform the techniques you mastered during the class. 

7.Tate performance by professional instructors

 Tate performance by professional instructors. You will be amazed by the genuine performance for sure!  



3-6-2 Hachimanyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo  156-0056
11 minutes walk from Keiou Line Hachimanyama Station

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Child:15 years and younger 

English speaking instructor available

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Not available

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