A gift by Jack Frost in Japan, Making Original Sake with Staying in a village retaining the look of 300 years ago

From JPY ¥49,450.00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime
  • Product code: EN-EHM-7053-70530


Making your original Sake while talking together with the Sake brewers (for a one-night stay)


  • Experience Sake-making at the Sake brewing house not open to the public.
  • Mingle with the Sake craftspeople while having dinner and drinking Sake at night.
  • Make your original Sake label with the traditional Ozu Washi paper.
  • Stay at a traditional Japanese house located in the own preserved from the Edo Era (1603-1868).
  • Your original Sake with the label you made can be taken home.


¥49,450~ ¥74,000(Tax Included)
※ The optional fee is included with the maximum price.


◆Day 1

From your home or the last staying place・・・〈Individual Payment〉・・・9:00 Meeting at Chiyonokame (Sake brewing house)(※7:50 on the days when the process of koji mold work is held twice a day)・・・9:20 Sake making( 8:10 on the days when the process of Koji mold work is held twice a day)・・・11:00 Lunch at the restaurant(Please pay the cost of meal for yourself)・・・13:00 Making Sake label with gilding Washi paper・・・〈Transferring by Taxi. The fee is included〉・・・15:00 Check-in at the accommodation・・・18:00 Mingle with the craftspeople from the Sake brewery/dinner (catered)・・・Staying at the night


The accommodation・・・〈Transferring by Taxi. The fee is included〉・・・9:00 Meeting at Chiyonokame (sake brewing house)(※7:50 on the days when the process of koji mold work is held twice a day)・・・9:20 Sake making( 8:10 on the days when the process of koji mold work is held twice a day)・・・12:00 The tour ends・・・〈Individual Payment〉・・・ To your home or the next destination


Uchiko, the town in the middle east of Ehime Prefecture, has a beautiful Japanese scene where lots of houses and warehouses from the Edo Era (1603-1867) still remain.  In the town, there are old structures which people renovated or reconstruct to inns, the theater called  "Uchikoza" originally built in the early 1900s, and so on. 

In this tour, you will stay at Uchiko for two days and learn the techniques of Sake-making and Japanese paper-making, to bring your original bottle of Japanese Sake to your home.  Sake-making can be experienced at Chiyonokame-shuzo Inc. established 300 years ago.  For the label of the Sake, you will make Japanese Washi paper by yourself at Tenjin Sanshi, a mill to manufacture Ozu Washi with a history of about 1,200 years.

If you choose a tour with one day experience of Sake-making, you can make two Sake cups from Uchiko Cedar. You will find that tasting a pleasing combination with the aroma of Sake and Cedar is one of the best ways to drink Sake.

After checking in at the inn, why not enjoy the ambiance of Japanese nostalgic town in the short winter evening?  A joyful time to converse with the craftspeople over the Sake awaits you.  The memorabilia of the trip will be a personal bottle of Japanese Sake kept in a wooden box especially prepared for this tour. Required the lower temperature to keep the high quality, Sake is made only from December to March next year.  And on December 3 and 12, the special work for Sake-making, the process of mixing Koji mold with steamed rice, can be experienced twice a day. (The starting time of sake-making differs on other tours).  Enjoy the exclusive Japanese winter days with the locals of Uchiko. 


KURA(1995 Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime-ken, 791-3301)
HOTEL KOKORO(1949 Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime-ken, 791-3301)
ORI(1995 Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime-ken, 791-3301)
HISA(1995 Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime-ken, 791-3301)



Either of them(It depends on the date you choose)
・KURA(clay-walled storehouse inn, a maisonette room)
・HOTEL KOKORO(machiya, a traditional merchant's house inn)

※enable to upgrade either of inns below. The optional fee is ¥23,800(It depends on the date you choose)

・ORI(A private machiya, a traditional merchant's house inn)
・HISA(A private machiya, a traditional merchant's house inn)

6 persons at most

A Sake making master will arrange the best brand for you with dinner.
Please enjoy the local delicacies packed in the boxes made of a 100-year-old cedar from Uchiko.

Sets of towels /sleep-wear / toothbrush / hair comb / razor / shampoo / hair-conditioner / body soap / hair-drier

No smoking / No pets / 5 parking lots are available at HOTEL KOKORO and KURA


  • Time:2 days
  • Least participants:2 persons
  • Meeting point:Chiyonokame-Shuzo Inc.
     Hiraoka-ko 1294-1, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime-ken 795-0303
  • Access:
    5 minutes by taxi from JR Uchiko Station
  • Tour conductor for 24 hours:None(Local guides will attend to a tour )
  • Accompanying National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter or Local Licensed Guide Interpreter:None
  • Language support:English
  • Meals (included in a tour fee):(Breakfast:0, Lunch:0, Dinner:1)
  • Included :
    Sake-making experience, a bottle of original sake with gilding label, 2 sake cups, a night banquet, lodging fee stated on the schedule, meal fee stated in this page, all taxes
    (Any other individual payments are not included.)
  • Excluded:
    Lunch (you will be shown to a Japanese-style restaurant near the sake brewery),
    Breakfast (Optional fee is ¥750)
  • Items to bring:Spare clothes
  • Clothes:Clothes easy to move in.
    ・It is cold in the sake brewing house but you will sweat from sake-making work.
    ・It is recommended to bring extra clothes.
    ・Please do not eat Natto or yogurt for two days of the tour as it will affect on the koji mold that ferments the sake.
    ・Please do not put strong-smelling perfume or hairdressing agent as that will prevent you from judging the difference of the taste and fragrance of sake.
  • Toilet: 〇(Japanese-Style / Western-Style)
  • Participation requirements :
    ・Age requirement: 20 years old and over
    ・Participating condition: Having no difficulty in walking 
    ・A person who has caught a cold cannot enter the sake brewing house.
    ・A participant needs to respect the rules. If he doesn't follow the given instructions, it will lower the quality and the taste of sake.
    ・A person with a raw wound cannot experience sake-making. He can observe it in the sake brewing house.
  • Other things to note:In the operation of sake-making, please be sure to work according to the rules.


Before booking the tour, please confirm the Tour Terms & Conditions and save the document.



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