Cook the Best Crispy Prawn Tempura with a Chef

From JPY ¥7,315.00
  • Duration: 120 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
  • Product code: EN-YMN-7069-70691


You can learn how to make 'Tempura,' one of the best known Japanese dishes as well as sushi, near Lake Kawaguchiko at the foot of Mt. Fuji. They say it is difficult to fry tempura to a crisp at home. An experienced chef will tell you carefully the knack of making light crispy tempura. In addition to popular large prawns, seasonal vegetables, rare ingredients like pufferfish and egg, are used to create the assorted tempura to satisfy both adults and children. What is more, various seasonings that will make tempura even tastier will be introduced. Why not have a Japanese food experience with a visit to Mt. Fuji, that will last in your memories?


  • An experienced chef will teach you how to make the assorted tempura.
  • You can get the knack of frying tempura to a crisp.
  • A set of tempura with 3 large prawns, 3 vegetables, pufferfish, and egg; ingredients both adults and children like.
  • With an explanation on the history of tempura and more, you can enjoy the experience more deeply.
  • The activity is held in a nice and large indoor facility regardless of the weather.
  • Easily accessible after visiting Mt. Fuji.


Check-in→ Explanation on the history of tempura→ Making assorted tempura→ Eating the tempura→ The end


You can learn how to cook 'Tempura,' a traditional dish that Japan boasts to the world, directly from a chef. They say it is difficult to fry tempura to a crisp at home. The experienced chef will tell you carefully the knack of frying tempura. In addition to tempura, you will cook rice and miso soup. You may be able to reproduce the taste of the specialty shop at home. 

In addition to 3 large prawns and 3 seasonal vegetables, the assorted tempura includes rare pufferfish, and egg which children like. Please enjoy the assorted tempura in season, one of the most popular choices at the tempura restaurants. Tempura is good with dip sauce, of course, but there are lemon-flavored and curry-flavored salt for topping. How about trying these new seasonings and find your favorite one?

They say the origin of tempura came from Portugal in the 16th century. People may regard tempura as an expensive dish, but it was actually a commoners' dish served at stand-up stalls in Edo Period (1603-1868). Not only can you cook and eat it deliciously, but also you can have an explanation on the history and interesting episodes of tempura. So you will be able to understand the popular Japanese dish more deeply. 

 Because the activity is held inside the large indoor house, you can enjoy it regardless of the weather. Why not have a Japanese food experience combined with the visit to Mt. Fuji?

As an option, you can rent the same Kappogi as the chef wears. Kappogi is a coverall apron with sleeves designed in Japan.

【Things to note】

  • Time:120 minutes
  • Meeting point:
    HOUTO Lab Cooking Experience
    2746-1, Kawaguchi, Kawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi-ken 401-0304
    On the opposite side of Kawaguchiko Museum of Art
  • Access:
    Take JR Chuo Main Line from Shinjuku and get off at Otsuki Station
    Change to Fujikyu Railway and get off at the last stop, Kawaguchiko Station
    Approx. 10 mins. by car from Kawaguchiko Station
    Located on the opposite side of Kawaguchiko Museum of Art
  • Language support:English, Chinese
  • Included :Experience fee, material costs, consumption tax, rental apron
  • Excluded:Beverage other than water, rental fee for Kappogi - a coverall apron
  • Free Wi-Fi :〇
  • Toilet:〇 (Western style)
  • Participation requirements :Children (3-5 years old) can watch but cannot join the workshop for safety's sake as fire and oil is used in the cooking process.
  • Other things to note:
    An observer cannot join the experience except a preschooler
    A single participant needs to pay for two persons.
    Junior high school student or under needs to be accompanied by a guardian.
    Please refrain from wearing high heels as the floor is slippery.
    If you have any food allergies, please contact the restaurant beforehand.
    If you take a young child and like to use Japanese tatami room, please contact the restaurant.

【Cancellation policy】 

The day before the tour date 50% of the tour price
The day of the tour 100% of the tour price
※The tour will be held in another place if any accidents happen at the meeting place. Or we will refund your payments.
※We are going to refund your payments without charging you for a cancellation because of bad weather and natural disaster.