Try "Chaji": A Special Tea Ceremony Experience

From JPY ¥51,100.00
  • Duration: 5 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Taishi-cho, Hyogo
  • Product code: EN-HYG-7066-70660


Try "chaji" (A type of tea ceremony with a full-course meal), the real pleasure of tea ceremony which is a traditional Japanese art. An associate professor will teach you the process and manners of chaji; the traditional Japanese tea gathering in an authentic tea house is reserved just for you. It is a special program that you can experience only here and recommended for both beginners and return customers who want to enjoy the tea ceremony on a deeper level. Only one group per day can enjoy this plan.


  • We have the only tea house available for all-weather conditions, which you can experience a real tea gathering in Japan.
  • Enjoy a luxurious experience in a tea house fully reserved for one group a day.
  • Experience a series of "chaji" tea gathering treats, from kaiseki to matcha and sweets 
  • Guidance in English (instruction sheet, translation machine) and interpreter.
  • You can make Japanese sweets and/or wear kimono for an additional cost. 


Meet at the tea house →Shoiri (preparation) →Machiai (warming-up) →Kaiseki (traditional Japanese meal) →Shozumi (first laying of charcoal to boil water) →Omogashi (seasonal Japanese sweets) → Nakadachi(Intermission)→Matcha tea experience→ Closing

※If you choose an option of Japanese sweets making, you will experience it for 30 minutes in the beginning.


Many people think that tea ceremony is just making and drinking matcha according to defined manners. But Japanese tea ceremony is actually a comprehensive art form that deals with a wide range of fields such as art, flower arrangement, architecture and gardening, "kaiseki" (traditional Japanese cuisine) and confectionery. "Chaji" refers to a formal tea ceremony entertaining guests with kaiseki, "koicha" (strong tea) and "usucha" (weak tea).

You can meet the Japanese spirit of hospitality in a tea house near Himeji. An associate professor of chaji will teach you all about the tea ceremony such as table manners, how to appreciate a tea room and how to walk in the room. The tea house is equipped with various refined tools to enjoy the tea ceremony as a comprehensive art form. In addition, this tea room was designed to accommodate people who are not used to sitting on tatami mats!

One of the highlights is eating authentic kaiseki. You will witness a unique way of cooking rice in a teakettle by boiling water over the hearth in the tea room. Try to make a charcoal fire
using a bamboo blowpipe to cook rice. When it is ready, enjoy beautiful kaiseki using seasonal ingredients with the cooked rice.

The main event is tasting
dark tea in the room lighted with Japanese candles. Seasonal Japanese confectionery is followed by koicha served in a formal tea ceremony. Koicha is made by kneading tea powder with a small amount of hot water. You may be surprised at how thick it is but try to appreciate its aroma and rich texture. Lastly, you will make usucha by yourself. Enjoy the creamy flavor of the tea with the form on the surface.

For an additional cost, you can make Japanese sweets, and/or you can attend the tea gathering wearing kimono. You will rarely come across a program rich in content like this. So regardless of your experience, take this opportunity and try a special chaji in Himeji!


  • Time: 5 hours

  • Meeting point: Chaji-Chogetsu [MAP]
    1012-44, Taishicho-Sayooka, Ibo-gun, Hyogo-ken, 671-1575

  • Access:
    By train: Take JR Sanyo Main Line from Himeji and get off at Aboshi (11 mins.) Approx. 10 mins by taxi (about 1,600 yen/one way)
    By car: Approx. 10 minutes to the south from the Taishi-Kita IC of the Taishi-Tatsuno By-pass

  • Minimum number of participants:3 people
  • Language:Japanese、English

  • Included:All the items necessary for tea gathering (Japanese tissue, and etc.)
  • Participation requirements :15 years old and over, sound in mind and body
  • Free Wi-Fi:〇

  • Restroom:〇(Western Style)

  • Optional plans: ①Japanese sweets making (wet sweets 1, dried sweets 2, 30-40 mins.) ②Wearing kimono

  • Other things to note:
    No smoking in and around the facility and the parking lot.
    ・Wheelchairs cannot be used as there are many steps and differences in floor heights.
    ・Please refrain from touching the traditional crafts, furniture, and utensils inside the tea house.
    ・If you are on medication or have any food allergies, please consult us before reservation.

  • Special support: If you need any special care for a meal or you don't eat raw fish, please contact us before reservation (at least 14 days prior to your intended tour date). Special requirements for vegetarian or Halal meal are not accommodated.


14 days before the tour date~the date of the tour: 100%
Cancellation may be incurred by offering the change of a number of participants or a schedule after the confirmation of a plan.
Readjustment of a plan cannot be allowed because of its preparing.
The plan can be closed for serious damage to equipment, their losses and disturbing behavior to other participants.
The plan will be canceled when you are late by 30minutes without any contacts to the facility.