Sake Brewery Tour with Comparing Fruit Liqueurs from Ehime

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  • Duration: 60 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Matsuyama, Ehime
  • Product code: EN-EHM-7071-70710


This sake brewery is popular for its fruity liqueurs richly made from the local fruits from Ehime.
You will watch the process of making aged sake according to the traditional method and can taste the finished Japanese sake. Try the unprocessed sake and the pickles (not for safe) only available here in Eiko Shuzo. Enjoy tasting and comparing Japanese sake as well as 12 liqueurs made from the local fresh fruits from Ehime. After the brewery tour, sake tasting and shopping at the store, please get their plum wine as a souvenir.


  • Watch the process of making sake using the excellent natural water from Wakigafuchi valley of the Takanawa Mountains and the carefully selected local rice named Matsuyama-Mitsui 
  • Taste the 12 kinds of liqueurs made from the local fruits from Ehime 
  • Limited items such as unprocessed sake and pickles (not for sale) you cannot taste anywhere else
  • Get the plum wine as a souvenir


Sake brewery tour ⇒ Tasting ⇒ Shopping at the store ⇒ Get a souvenir


The tour starts with visiting the brewery.

To make the premium sake in Eiko Shuzo, carefully selected materials are used such as the excellent natural water from "Wakigafuchi" valley and ripen rice of "Matsuyama-Mitsui," "Yamada Nishiki," and "Shizuku Hime," all known as top quality rice for sake. Rice is polished with care by themselves in the brewery.

The method of sake making in Eiko Shuzo followed the Buddhist priest named Enjo, popular as the "hard-drinking priest," and has been handed down from generation to generation while being improved. You will be guided into the sake brewery and watch the process of sake making and the technique created by Japanese sake professionals.

After the tour, you can taste the sake manufactured through the process you just watched. You can try the unprocessed Japanese sake that can be tasted only here and various liqueurs made from the local fruits from Ehime.

Enjoy a wide variety of liquors ranging from fresh and easy to drink liqueurs with plenty of Ehime's fruits to genuine premium sake that has been aged for a long time. Their most popular product is plum wine using plums from Ehime named 'Nanko-ume' known nationwide for its high quality.

Don't forget to try the special pickles, not for sale, with the sake.

After shopping at the store, please get a bottle of plum wine as a souvenir.


  • Time: 60 minutes (30 minutes visit, tasting · selling 30 minutes)

  • Meeting point: Eiko Shuzo Brewing
    Mizonobe-ko, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken
  • Acccess:  Car and bus parking available

  • Language support: Japanese, English

  • Included : Brewery tour, sake tasting, pickles

  • Excluded:Shopping at the store

  • Participation requirements : Tasting and purchasing sake under the age of 20 is prohibited.

  • FreeWi-Fi:×

  • Toilet:◯

  • Other things to note :
    ・You can come with children. Drinking water for children is extra.
    ・There are extra holidays on an irregular basis.


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3 to 2 days before the tour date 60% of the tour price
The day before the tour date, on the day of the tour 100% of the tour price
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