Visit the Smithy of a Mater Swordsmith and Examine Real Japanese Swords at a Temple in Kamakura

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  • Duration: 120 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Kamakura, Kanagawa
  • Product code: EN-KNG-7070-70702


You will visit the smithy of a twenty-fourth-generation swordsmith, Mr. Tsunahiro Yamamura, who has inherited the Masamune name of Kamakura swordmaking. You will be able to listen to a lecture by Mr. Yamamura and actually hold some of his works of art in your hand. The venue is a smithy located about 3 minutes from Kamakura station. Commentaries are available in English. Enjoy the pleasures of swordmaking in this uniquely Japanese and rare experience.


  •  You will learn about the history and manufacturing method of Japanese swords.
  •  Go on a tour through master swordsmith, Mr. Tsunahiro Yamamura's smithy.
  •  Watch a swordsmith forge a Japanese sword (hitting the hot material of the sword with a hammer).
  •  Listen to a lecture by Mr. Tsunahiro Yamamura.
  •  Hold the beautiful Japanese sword in your hand and feel its history and beauty.


1. Watch a video that explains the history and manufacturing method of the Japanese sword at the smithy site of Masamune Craft Art Workshop owned and operated by twenty-fourth-generation master swordsmith Mr. Tsunahiro Yamamura.

2. Watch one of the processes of forging a Japanese sword at the smithy (hitting the heated iron with a hammer)

3. Visited the forge in the smithy

4. Listen to a lecture given by twenty-fourth-generation master swordsmith Mr. Tsunahiro Yamamura on the "beauty and spirit" of the Japanese Sword.

5. Learn how to properly examine a Japanese sword and go through Mr. Yamamura collection of works.

6. Learn more in the Q & A session and take a photograph with Mr. Tsunahiro Yamamura.


The word "Masamune," which can also refer to a great sword, is also used to refer to a master swordsmith. In this exclusive tour, you will be able to visit the forge of the twenty-fourth-generation master swordsmith Mr. Tsunahiro Yamamura, who is the actual descendant of Masamune, and owns and operates Masamune Craft Art Workshop.

Around 700 years ago, the Hojo clan, which was in power at the time, invited many swordsmiths from all around Japan and gathered them in Kamakura to form the foundation of what is now Kamakura swordmaking. Since ancient times, the Japanese sword is said to "cut to the future" and are considered works of art.

First, we would like you to watch a video and learn about the history and manufacturing method of the sword. Then we will visit the smithy of the descendant of Masamune swordmaking.

After that, we will change locations and listen to Mr. Tsunahiro Yamamura talk about "the beauty and spirit of the Japanese sword" while examining some of his swords. After his lecture, you will have the opportunity to hold some of his swords. Optionally, if you wish to participate in English, we can assist you.


  • Time:120 minutes
  • Meeting point:In front of Masamune Art Crafts  [MAP]
    13-29 Osamu-machi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture (ZIP: 248-0012)
  • Access:2 minutes on foot from JR Kamakura Station
  • Minimum number of participants:3 people
  • Language support:Japanese, English
  • Excluded:
    ・Temple admission fee 300 yen, donations to the temple (e.g., change you may give for worship at a temple or shrine)
    ・Free parking available for a limited number of vehicles. (Reserved in advance)
    ・English interpreter (optional): Our experiences are in Japanese.
    ・Our interpreters can assist you as an optional service. Please inquire for the optional fee.
    ・We strongly recommend that you use our interpreter service in order to get the most out of your experience.
    ・Participants in this tour are eligible for renting a kimono at one of our affiliated kimono stores. You can walk through the streets of Kamakura with wearing a kimono after the tour. If you apply, we can keep your luggage for one day free of charge.
  • Items to bring:Please bring a photo ID such as a passport, driver's license, or Juki card. If you do not present a photo ID, you may not be allowed to participate.
  • Participation requirements :Participants must be 15 years or older. In this experience, I use a real Japanese sword that is a fine art. In this tour, we will be using real Japanese swords, which are works of art. You are required to sign a pledge and concent that you will not injure any of the participants, yourself, or administrative staff, and will not damage any of the swords. The tour will be held only when there is a minimum of three participants and a tour fee of at least 84,000 yen.
  • Toilet(Japanese/Western style):〇 
  • Other things to note:
    Do not contact the event venue directly (example: Kigen-in).
    The experience may be canceled due to equipment malfunctions or breakdowns. Please note that even if the event is canceled, we cannot compensate you for your travel expenses to the site.


Ut to 90 days before the tour: 30%
Up to 30 days before the tour: 50%
Up to 7 days before the tour: 70%
The day before the tour/the day of the tour: 100%