Hiking Therapy in One of the Most Expansive Forests in Midsouth Japan (Kunimi-no-mori Road)

From JPY ¥16,250.00
  • Duration: 240 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Shiso, Hyogo
  • Product code: EN-HYG-7087-70872


Forest bathing was first created in Japan and has since gained traction as a means of staying healthy in a similar way to yoga. Forest therapy, an advanced version of forest bathing, is thought to benefit your health by helping you relax both physically and mentally, and by alleviating stress. Why not experience 2 hours of forest therapy in Shiso, a town engulfed in nature, and also certified as a base for forest therapy? In addition to walking through the forest, you will also be able to enjoy the unique historical remains and the history of this region. Since Kunimi Forest Therapy Road goes through the woods of Akamatsu, you may be able to feel the effects of antibacterial phytoncide. If you ride the mini monorail to climb to the summit and enjoy the view of the beautiful forest, you are bound to feel refreshed both mentally and physically, and be newly inspired.


  • You can experience a full-scale forest therapy session for 2 hours in the Kansai region.
  • Wander through the forest and enjoy the view of the mountains and the city from the summit.
  • A basic course recommended for families, couples and friends.
  • After the forest therapy, you can also enjoy day trips to hot springs and tour castle ruins (not included in the plan).
  • You can purchase locally produced sake in Shiso, the actual birthplace of sake.


9 AM Departure → Transit (30 minutes) → Guidance (10 minutes) → Health check (5 minutes/person) → Therapy program (120 minutes) → Health check (5 minutes/person) → Lunch (30 minutes) → Transit (30 minutes) → End of program


Mountains exceeding 1,000m tower down on Shiso, a town in which the forest occupies 90% of its area. There are many scenic locations including rivers, valleys, and waterfalls that have a different look each season. Forest bathing is a health method that was created in Japan and has attracted attention from around the world as an alternative to yoga. Shiso has been certified as a forest therapy base from the NPO Forest Therapy Society. Forest therapy takes forest bathing to the next level, and many of its medical effects such as relaxing the mind and body, and relieving stress are being researched. Why not experience forest therapy and improve your mental and physical health and prevent disease in the natural environment of Shiso?

Since Kunimi Forest Therapy Road goes through the woods of Akamatsu, you may be able to feel the effects of antibacterial phytoncide. You can ride the mini monorail to climb to the summit and enjoy the view of the beautiful forest.

 <Attractions of Kunimi Forest Therapy Course>

1. Kunimi-yama (Mt. Kunimi)
Mt. Kunimi, which is 465m high, is a symbol of Kunimi Forest Park. It is said that this mountain was named Kunimi (to view the land) because the lord who governed the area used it to observe the surroundings. Because this course takes you along the ridgeline of the mountain and over the summit of Mt. Kunimi, the city area spreads under the eyes, and you can enjoy the mountain range of Shiso.

 2. Mini Monorail
 The miniature monorail, also called forest learning track, will take you 1,100 meters from the foot of the mountain to the therapy course in about 20 minutes.
From windows, you can enjoy the flow of the Ibo river and the mountain ranges.

 3. Akamatsu Forest Road
You can find Akamatsu (red pine trees) growing along much of the course, and you can refresh your body and mind by the effects of phytoncide.


  • Time:240 minutes
  • Meeting point:Kunimi Forest Therapy Road: Kunimi Forest Park  [MAP]
    374 Kamihiji, Yamazaki-cho, Shiso, Hyogo Prefecture (ZIP: 271-2558)
  • Access:
    〇 Car
    About 5 minutes by car from Yamazaki Interchange, Chugoku-jidosha-do

    〇 Train/bus
    At Harima Shingu Station (JR Himeshin Line), get on the Shinhi bus bound for Yamazaki, and get off at Jyo-shita bus stop. It's about 1.6 km to Kunimi Forest Park.
  • Included : Experience fee, lunch
  • Excluded: Warm clothes
  • Items to bring: [Clothes] Top / long-sleeved shirt Outerwear (material that rain does not soak into) Bottom / long pants, support tights, etc. / shoes for mountain trekking / trekking shoes, etc. / socks, hat, rain gear, towel, drinks, and other items deemed necessary
  • Participation requirements : 7 years and older
  • Other things to note:
    ・The effects of forest therapy may vary.
    ・Wear clothing and shoes suitable for mountain trekking.
    ・There are no trash bins on the therapy road, so make sure you take any garbage home with you.
    ・Programs will take place in light rain (If it is determined that the program cannot take place due to weather conditions, etc., the administration office will contact you two days before the implementation date).


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※The cancellation fee includes handling charges.