Suwa Shrines Bus Tour and Enjoying Cherry Blossom at Inn Near Lake Suwa

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Stay at a Japanese-style hotel with a hot spring, and take a bus tour visiting Suwa Taisha Shrine complex consist of four shrines, known as one of the oldest and largest shrines in Japan.
There is also the lounge has a large "moonlight cherry tree" that glows in seven colors, and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at night while drinking alcohol.


  • Tour around Suwa Taisha Shrine complex, the grand head shrine of approximately 10,000 Suwa Shrines throughout Japan
  • Visit all the four Suwa Shrines dotted in the area of 11 km around Lake Suwa, not easily accessible by walking
  • Explanation on Suwa Taisha Shrine by the knowledgeable guide
  • Watch the Onbashira, four wooden pillars, actually used during the Onbashira Festival held every six (traditionally reckoned as seven) years
  • Watch the large Shimenawa (sacred rope) that keeps the holly area away from the everyday area
  • You can be given Goshuin stamp or enjoy shopping at nearby souvenir shops during free time at each shrine
  • You can easily start early in the morning as you stay at the ryokan on the previous night
  • The lounge has "Gekka no Sakura(Cherry Blossoms under the Moon), where you can experience cherry blossom viewing, which is originally a spring tradition in Japan, all year round. At night, guests can enjoy drinks at the bar while watching the nighttime cherry blossoms glow in seven different colors.


36,100 yen (tax included) 


◆Day 1
From home/the former accommodation・・・〈paid by the customer〉・・・15:00 Check-in ・・・18:00 Dinner at the hotel ・・・20:00Cherry blossom viewing experience at a bar of your choice (at your expense)・・・Lodging

◆Day 2

9:00 Check-out ・・・9:20 Go for the Shrine visit tour ・・・〈by bus included in the tour price〉・・・Kami-Suwa Station (9:25 arrival/departure) ・・・Suwa Taisha Kamisha Maemiya (9:45 arrival/10:05 departure)・・・ Suwa Taisha Kamisha Honmiya(10:10 arrival/10:50 departure)・・・ Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya (11:20 arrival/11:45 departure)・・・ Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya (11:50 arrival/12:20 departure)・・・ Kami-Suwa Station (13:35 arrival/departure)・・・12:40 The tour ends upon arrival at Shinyu ・・・〈paid by the customer〉・・・To home or the next accommodation


Suwa Taisha Shrine is the grand head shrine of more than 10,000 Suwa Shrines throughout Japan. The complex consists of four main shrines (Kamisha Honmiya, Kamisha Maemiya, Shimosha Harumiya, Shimosha Akimiya) located on the south side and the north side of Lake Suwa, which complex is very unique even in Japan. The god of Honmiya is Takeminakata, affectionately called Suwa Daimyojin or Osuwasama. Its consort, Yasakatome, is enshrined in Maemiya. The two gods, a married couple, are called  "Deities for household harmony."

The bus tour visits famous Suwa Taisha Shrine complex, known as the site with spiritual energy, dotted in the area of 11 km around Lake Suwa with the guide.


1. Suwa Taisha Shrine Honmiya

You will be impressed with the mystic atmosphere of the solemn sanctuary there. The god named Takeminakata, also called the guardian deity of Japan, is enshrined in Honmiya. The mountain where Suwa Shrine is located on is regarded as a god itself. Suwa Taisha Shrine sits on the geologic fault caused about 8 million years ago, which spreads across the Japanese Archipelago and gains attention as the site with spiritual energy. On the same geological fault, important Shinto Shrines such as Ise Jingu and Toyokawa Inari are situated. It denotes Suwa Taisha is regarded as equal to Ise Grand Shrine, closely related to the Imperial Family.


2. Suwa Taisha Maemiya

This shrine is situated in the unspoiled natural forest as the area used to a tabooed land. Though it is the smallest among the four shrines, it keeps a quiet atmosphere, away from the bustle, where your mind is calmed. Located in the south of Lake Suwa, it is regarded as the birthplace of Shinto religion with Suwa Shrine. Among the four, only Maemiya has the main hall built in 1932 using the same lumbers for Ise Grand Shrine. Also, there is the ceremonial place called Jikkenro whose length is about 18 meters. 

3. Suwa Taisha Akimiya

There are many historical buildings designated as Important Cultural Property, for example, Kaguraden built in 1835, and Haiden in 1781. The guardian dogs are 170 cm tall, the largest pairs made of bronze in Japan. Also famous is the large 'Shimenawa' sacred rope, twisted clockwise that prevents the evil spirit from entering. Another large Shimenawa rope in Izumo Taisha Shrine is twisted counterclockwise and it prevents the internal evil spirit from coming out. The sacred tree of the shrine is an 800-year-old cedar called 'Neiri-no-sugi' near the entrance. They say you can sleep sound if you place its leaf under your pillow as Neiri has a similar sound as "to fall asleep."


4. Suwa Taisha Harumiya

The approach to Harumiya leads to Lake Suwa. Togawa River flows by Harumiya and there built Ukishima Shrines on the island in the river. They say the island is never swept away by the flood thanks to the power of gods. The worship hall built in Edo Period (1603-1868) has carvings of Lions and Baku (mythological Chinese chimera) and they are designated as National Important Cultural Properties. The great cedar tree having two-pronged tips is called 'Musubi-no-Matsu' and is considered to have the benefit of matchmaking. Under the "Geba Bridge" placed on the approach which was built during Muromachi Period (1336-1573), flows the Mitarashi River where all the people, regardless of status levels, would cleanse their body.


Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu (2-6-30, Kogan-dori, Suwa-shi, Nagano-ken 392-0027)


Check-in:15:00 / Check-out:9:00 



Hikari Gami 10 tatami mats, Tatami room bed (Max. 3 persons)
Renovated in December 2022. Lake-view rooms with a panoramic view of Lake Suwa from the higher floors (5th floor).
A special time to be healed by the expansive Lake Suwa and the majestic Alps.
Please enjoy the beautiful scenery that you can't experience anywhere else to your heart's content.
The room is a Japanese-style room with tatami mats and a bed, allowing guests to enjoy the Japanese atmosphere and sleep more comfortably.
In the interior, the main room and the veranda are separated by original lace curtains with ink paintings, and the faint scenery of Lake Suwa in the background is presented as if it were a painting.
The view of Lake Suwa from the 5th floor changes with time, so you can enjoy the lake as it is or as you would like it to be in a painting.


"Bisui Gensen: The newly born hot spring".
Kamisuwa Onsen is the only hot spring with 50 tons of water per day at 60°C.
The large bathhouse, into which the private hot spring water is poured, was renovated in 2022, and a sauna is available in the bathhouse.
The floor of the bathhouse is covered with tatami mats that are antibacterial and antifungal.
The tatami bath is not slippery, so you can rest assured that you won't get hurt even if you fall.
Your feet will always be warm and comfortable.
Handrails are also installed at the entrance to the bathtub for ease of use.
In addition, the wallpaper and lights in the changing rooms as well as the bathrooms have been carefully selected to provide a comfortable and beautiful space in which to get ready for the day.


You can enjoy a creative Japanese kaiseki meal "Mikozen" which is made with local fresh ingredients for dinner and breakfast at the private room restaurant "Miko".
For breakfast, we also offer a pickled buffet made with delicious vegetables from Shinshu.
The Ryotei restaurant, with its calm and warm design, offers two types of seating, chair and tatami, to accommodate everyone from children to elderly guests. The miso, sake, and pickle warehouses are also located on the premises.
Enjoy colorful Japanese kaiseki cuisine with soothing background music.

32 inches wide LCD TV, Blu-ray disc player, refrigerator, humidification air cleaner, electric pot, tea set, telephone, drier, hair iron, bath towel, face towel, yukata, pajamas, razo, comb

Completely non-smoking, equipped with Simmons beds and nanofiber coverlet, nano nighttime ion steamer can be used free of charge


  • Time:2 days
  • Least participants:1 person
  • Meeting point:Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu
    2-6-30, Kogan-dori, Suwa-shi, Nagano-ken 392-0027
  • Access:
    【From Tokyo】
    Take Azusa, Limited Express, on JR Chuo Main Line for 2 and a quarter hours to Kami-Suwa Station
    A 10-minute walk from the Station

    【From Nagoya】
    Take Shinano, Limited Express on JR Chuo Main Line for 2 and a half hours to Kami-Suwa Station
    A 10-minute walk from the Station}
    *Free pick-up is available at Kami-Suwa Station. Please call upon arrival at Kamisuwa.
      (available during 9:00 to 17:00)
  • Tour conductor for 24 hours:〇
  • Accompanying National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter or Local Licensed Guide Interpreter:×
  • Language support:Japanese
  • Meals (included in a tour fee):〇(Breakfast:1, Lunch:0, dinner:1)
  • Included :Accommodation fee, tour bus
  • Excluded:Beverages, Bath tax (150 yen)
  • Free Wi-Fi:〇
  • Toilet(Japanese and Western style):〇
  • Other things to note:Comfortable outfit, shoes that are easy to walk in


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