Craft Your Own Original Japanese Notebook

從 JPY JP¥4,400.00
  • 天數: 30 分鐘 (左右)
  • 位置: Kyoto, Kyoto
  • 产品编号: EN-KYT-2005-20050


In this workshop, make a unique notebook with original paper from Kyoto. After your experience, enjoy shopping at the gift shop and have lunch or a light meal at the cafe in the studio.

Our studio, &PAPERS, was established 100 years ago in Kyoto and we create paper-covered boxes. We combine tradition with craftsmanship to create more interesting designs. 


1. Customize your notebook's covers, paper, ring, and clip to create a notebook that matches your style.

2. Have a name pressed on the cover of your notebook. You can choose your name, or a friends name, in case you want to give your creation as a gift. 

3. Use original washi paper from Kyoto, carefully hand-printed at the Yuzen-print paper studio.

  *Yuzen is a Japanese dyeing method for fabrics, popular with its colorful and refined patterns.

4. The notebook covers are made carefully by the craftsmen at the Kyoto studio, applying the traditional technique of creating paper-covered boxes.

5. You have the option to refill the paper and cherish your notebook for a long time.


Choose the parts for your notebook→Attach the clip to the cover→Make holes→Bind the notebook using a ring


Make your own notebook using original paper from Kyoto!

Customize the covers, paper, ring, and clip and make your own unique Japanese notebook. You can have a name pressed on the cover to make it very original. It would be a nice gift for a friend or family member. 

The paper for your notebook is carefully printed, one by one, at a studio creating Yuzen-print paper. The covers are carefully made by hand at the Kyoto studio, utilizing the traditional technique of creating paper-covered boxes.

First, you will choose parts for the notebook, attach the clip on the covers, make holes on the side and bind them into a notebook. 

When you run out of the paper, you can refill the notebook so you cherish it for a long time.

Enjoy shopping at the gift shop and eat lunch or a snack at the cafe in the studio after the workshop.

【Things to note】

  • Time:30 minutes

  • Meeting point:&PAPERS
    1F, Jimukino-Ueda bldg., 2-1, Sakaimachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

  • Access:  
    A 3-minute walk from Gojo Station on Karasuma Line of Kyoto Municipal Subway
    A 5-minute walk from Kiyomizu-Gojo Station on Keihan Main Line

  • Language support:English menu ・written explanation

  • 6 years old and over

  • Free Wi-Fi:〇

  • Toilet: Western-style

  • Closed on Wednesdays


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