Original Hanamaki! Eat traditional Wanko soba like a samurai lord (with tempura)

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  • Duration: 30 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Hanamaki, Iwate
  • Product code: EN-IWT-7099-70990


Wanko soba is a unique regional cuisine that is served in bite-sized portions in small soba bowls. You can enjoy eating as many of these little bowls of soba as you please. It is said that the origin of Wanko soba is the soba that was served by the Hanamaki farmers to a samurai lord who was traveling to Edo. You will be able to enjoy this soba like the samurai lord did wearing a traditional Kamishimo apron. Your feast begins with the sound of a Japanese taiko drum, and you will see how many of these soba bowls you can finish and stack up before you give in. It's an entertaining experience suited for both families and groups. In addition to the soba noodles, you can also have freshly fried tempura. There is also an explanation about the history and manners of eating Wanko soba at the beginning (Japanese only).


・ Full-scale Wanko soba experience with waiters. Served in the traditional way where the waiters serve from across the table in front of you
・ We provide you with a traditional Kamishimo apron. You can enjoy your soba like a lord!
・ You can also eat freshly fried tempura
・ We will issue a "gluttony certificate" to customers who finish 100 bowls of soba or more
・ The resulting pile of soba bowls makes for an interesting post on your favorite SNS


Gather at Kinkontei → Explanation about Wanko soba → Begins with the sound of a drum → Event ends when you have finished eating


A specialty of Hanamaki! In this event, you can experience the traditional food, Wanko soba, which has been around since the Edo period. It is said that Wanko soba was first created when the farmers of Hanamaki served many portions of soba in small bowls to a samurai lord from Nanbu Domain, who was staying there on his trip of duty to Edo, the capital.

In honor of its history, at Kinkontei, we provide you with a traditional Kamishimo apron to enjoy your soba like a lord. After a briefing about Wanko soba, the feast starts with the sound of a drum. Families and friends have a great time as they watch their pile of finished soba bowls stack higher and higher as they eat. Because we serve you from across the table in front of you, you can concentrate on finishing your bowls of soba without the staff getting in the way. Also, enjoy freshly fried tempura and a cup of coffee after your meal.
It is an exciting event that anyone, from children to adults, can enjoy.

【Things to note】

  • Time:45 minutes

  • Meeting point:Inside Kinkontei / 11-88, Nishimiyanome, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture [MAP]

  • Access:  
    5 minutes by car from Iwate Hanamaki Airport / 10 minutes by car from Shin-Hanamaki Station / 3 minutes by car from Hanamaki Airport IC / 10 minutes by car from Hanamaki IC

  • Language support:Only Japanese

  • Free Wi-Fi:〇

  • Toilet: Western-style

  • Closed on January 1st. Closed 3 to 4 times a month.


3 to 2 days before the reservation: 50%
The day before/the day of the reservation: 100%