Hokkaido-Style Lamb BBQ and Cherry Blossoms at Goryokaku Park (end of April to mid-May)

From JPY ¥3,350.00
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Hakodate, Hokkaido
  • Product code: EN-HKD-5017-50171


Enjoy "Genghis Khan" (Hokkaido-style Lamb BBQ) and one drink while viewing the cherry blossoms at Goryokaku Park, famous for cherry blossoms.
Make a toast with sizzling Genghis Khan BBQ under the cherry blossoms. You can enjoy spring in Hakodate to the fullest!


  • Visit Goryokaku Park, a cherry blossom viewing spot with 1600 cherry trees.
  • Casually enjoy delicious Genghis Khan (Lamb BBQ).
  • Don't worry! A prime location next to Goryokaku Tower secured for you.
  • One drink included.
  • You can enjoy cherry blossoms illuminated at night.


Reception → You are shown to the cherry-blossom viewing spot → Cherry-blossom viewing with BBQ


In Hokkaido, cherry blossom viewing is all about Genghis Khan BBQ. In this plan, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in Goryokaku Park with BBQ. It is Hokkaido tradition to prepare a stove and a pot to enjoy BBQ for cherry blossom viewing. This set includes 300 grams of prime lamb meat, 5 kinds of vegetables, sauce, dish, chopsticks, paper towel. The full package also includes gas, stove, and a hot pot available for rent. There is no need to prepare ingredients, bring equipment, or clean up. The reception place is behind the Goryokaku Tower. You will find the prime location where the sheets are already spread out under the cherry trees. You will be shown to one of the sheets where everything necessary for Genghis Khan BBQ is ready to use. Get one drink and make a toast. Enjoy Genghis Khan BBQ and cherry-blossom viewing the Hokkaido way!

How to enjoy Genghis Khan BBQ:
1. Put the Genghis Khan pan on the stove and set the fire
2. Grease the hot pot
3. Spread vegetables out
4. Place the meat
5. When the vegetables and meat are cooked, put them in the sauce and eat!

When you finish eating, get ready to go. You can leave the stove and pan as they are. No need to clean them up.

<About Cherry Blossoms in Goryokaku>
The cherry blossoms bloom in Hakodate around late April every year. Goryokaku Park is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot where you can enjoy 1600 cherry trees, especially Somei Yoshino. Walk around the park and appreciate cherry blossoms. The flowers are illuminated at night only when they are blooming. They hang lanterns under the cherry trees to illuminate the blossoms. The pale red sparkle emitted from about 400 lanterns gently illuminates the cherry blossoms.


  • Time:1 hour
  • Meeting point:Temporary building in Goryokaku Park, in front of Goryokaku Tower
    43-9 Goryokakucho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 040-0001
  • Access:From Hakodate Station, take the Hakodate City Tram Line No. 2 to Yunokawa (17 minutes) → Get off at Goryokaku Park and walk for 9 minutes
  • Included:300g prime lamb meat, 5 kinds of vegetables, sauce, dish, chopsticks, paper towels, sheet, gas, stove, hot pot, and a soft drink (500ml)
  • Excluded:The second drink onward is not included in the plan.
  • Free Wi-Fi:×
  • Toilet:〇(Temporary toilet)


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The day before the tour date, on the day of the tour 100% of the tour price
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