Gujo Odori town Walking Tour

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  • Duration: 180 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Gujo, Gifu
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Gujo Hachiman in Gifu hosts Japan’s famous Bon Odori "Gujo Odori" one of the longest dance from July to September. This tour features a guided walk around town while enjoying the dance. Arriving at the Gujo Hachiman Museum, you will not only have the chance of witnessing the actual stage but alsoto  experience traditional dance, visiting the tower where BGM is housed as well as the golden opportunity of exploring a specialized geta shop. This tour will be guided by a local guide.



  • Guided walking tour to Gujo Odori, the longest bon-odori folk dance festival in Japan.
  • Experience the rich history of Gujo dance, which has been passed down for 400 years.
  • Listen and talk with local residents in Gujo.
  • Visit the dance venue, the traditional house structures, and specialized geta shop, etc.
  • Take in the scenery of the water town also known as the Venice of Japan and get your camera snapping away!


Choose from two start times, 10:00 or 14:00. 

Gujo Hachimankan (30 minutes)(Gujo dance demonstration
・Geta and Yukata fitting
・Commemorative photo)→Hachiman Community Center (1 hour)(Dancing practice and participation
・Try on yukata)→Walking tour around dance (1.5 hours)



<Gunjo Hachiman Expo Museum 30 minutes>

・Watch the Gujo Odori Performance: Gujo Odori is a Bon Odori that is one of the three major folk dances in Japan. It's the longest Bon Odori in Japan, which lasts 30 nights from July to September. In August, there will be a "night dance" that participants wouldl continue to dance all night. Gujo Odori is a "participating dance" rather than a just "watching the dance" because there was a background that started for the purpose of harmonizing the trade of agricultural and industrial trade. Locals and tourists would dance together. In this program, you can experience the Gujo dance as a participant.

・Geta/yukata tdress-on, commemorative photo: We will try on the traditional yukata and geta for the Gujo Odori. The staff will take a commemorative photo.

<Hachiman Community Center 1 hour> *Venue changed

・The musicians volunteers who are like the treasures of Gujo Hachiman continues to support the Gujo dance. They will wear the yukata to practice and perform the Gujo dance. You will be guide by our instructor and you can experience the Gujo Odori performance just like the locals.

<City walking tour 1.5 hours>

The city area of ​​Gujo flourished as castle town of Gujo Hachiman Castle. The townscapes of the Edo period, such as craftsman towns and blacksmith towns, have been preserved up to the present time. In addition, waterways are one of the main cityscape that spread all over the city. The water in the canal is clean water drawn from the Tanigawa River and spring water, and Gujo is famous for "Clear stream and famous water castle town". We will guide you through parks, small paths and back alleys that utilize waterways. It is a tour where you can see the fascinating scenery up close and feel the life of Japanese in the past.



  • Time:3 hours
  • Meeting point:Gujyohachimanjyoukamachi Plaza [MAP]
    69 Tonomachi, Yawatacho, Gujo City, Gifu 501-4213
  • Access:Take the highway bus from Gifu Station to "Castle Town Plaza". About 1 hour in total.
  • Language support:English
  • Included :
    ・dance fee
    ・admission fee
    ・guide fee
  • Free Wi-Fi:×
  • Toilet:Western style available


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