Geisha and Tea Ceremony! Experience traditional Japanese culture in Asakusa.

De la JPY 35.500,00 JP¥
  • Durata: 120 Minute (aprox.)
  • Locatie: Taito-ku, Tokyo
  • Cod produs: EN-TKO-1069-10691


This is a special experience plan where you can learn about authentic tea ceremony and interact with Asakusa geisha. In the first half of the tour, you will have tea made by geisha. In the second half, with a guidance by a tea ceremony teacher, you will drink the tea made by yourself. A professional teacher will teach you carefully in a small group, and you can also take pictures with the geisha.


  • How invaluable! A geisha will make matcha tea just for you!
  • Learn the authentic tea ceremony casually
  • Make your own matcha tea. 
  • A great chance to see and talk to geisha up close and personal
  • Enjoy shopping at a tea utensils shop where the tour is held.


1. We will meet up at the designated place and sanitize with alcohol and take body temperature.
2. We will have tea and sweets made by geisha
 After having tea, we will interact with the geisha and take photos (* Geisha will be available until 16:00)
3. Take a lecture from the tea ceremony teacher and make your own tea.
4. Tea utensils shopping at the shop (* Each will be disbanded)


The venue is an authentic tea room with a nijiriguchi (a small entrance with a low back). A tea ceremony teacher will carefully teach you how to make tea, so don't worry even if you are the first timer. Normally, there is no chance to meet geishas, but the plan offers not only meeting them but even making tea for you!
This is a great way for parents and children to experience the tea ceremony together, or for a girls' night out. You will feel the spirit of hospitality and feminine manners from the geisha.
After the experience, you can shop for tea utensils with advice from the staff, so you can make tea at home.
If you want to experience a tea ceremony, learn the Japanese culture again, or interact with geisha, don't miss this tour!

【Things to note】

  • Duration:120minutes
  • Meeting point:Tea utensils and vases Kakinuma [MAP]
    3-21-9 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032
  • Gathering time:14:50 (Start time: 15:00)
    * Interaction with geisha is limited to 60 minutes.
      We will try to start the experience on time so that everyone can fully enjoy it.
      Please use the restrooms, etc. in advance.
  • Access:
    10 minutes walk from "Asakusa Station" on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line, and Tobu Line
  • Minimum number of participants:2 people
  • Language support:English
  • Included:
    ・Tea fee
    ・Sweets fee
    ・Geisha fee
    ・Tool rental fee
    ・The language service coordinator
    ・The Interpreter Guide
  • Items to bring:
    ・socks (please wear)
  • Clothes:If you wear a skirt, we recommend that you wear ones that do not allow your knees to come out when you sit upright(Seiza).
  • Participation requirements:3 years old and above
  • Special support:We have chairs for people who cannot sit upright.
  • Free WI-FI:None
  • Toilet:Available (Western Style)
  • Other things to note:
    ・ Please be sure to bring a mask.
    ・ If the event cannot be implemented due to weather/disaster, etc., we will contact you by email the day before.
    ・This plan is only available in Japanese. Please note that an English-speaking guide will not be provided.

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7 to 4 days before the tour date: 40% of the tour price
3 to 2 days before the tour date: 60% of the tour price
The day before the tour date, on the day of the tour: 100% of the tour price