"The Samurai Who Loved Art" A Two-Day Trip to Experience the Aesthetics of the Kumamoto Samurai

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  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Kumamoto-shi, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto
  • Product code: EN-KUM-7286-72861


~Samurai Spirit Living in Kumamoto~
Miyamoto Musashi, Japan's greatest swordsman, mastered sword skills in preparation for battle, but at the same time, he always thought about "what he should be like" to create a world where people would not need to use such skills and continued to follow his heart.
If you look closely at the swordsmanship and artworks he left behind, you can feel his unique spirituality and aesthetic sense.
Spend two precious days exploring the essence of the samurai spirit by experiencing swordsmanship, making accessories worn by Kumamoto samurai, and meditating.


  • 【Shimada Museum of Art】Learn about the history of Kumamoto samurai and the artistry of Miyamoto Musashi at the Shimada Museum of Art, where many works of art by Musashi Miyamoto, the strongest samurai, are on display.
  • Experience the swordsmanship Iaido to protect under the guidance of Matsunaga-sensei, the 18th generation master who inherited the style Niten Ichiryu of Japan's strongest samurai Miyamoto Musashi.
  • At Suizenji Park, learn about the samurai culture of Kumamoto, which stopped the war with the power of art, and enjoy matcha green tea and local Kumamoto sweets.
  • Experience making an original Higo inlay accessory in the shape of a tsuba directly taught by the fourth-generation craftsman of the historic Ozumi family, which has been passed down from generation to generation.
  • At Reigan-do Cave, which is famous as the place where Miyamoto Musashi wrote "The Book of Five Rings," the assistant chief priest gives you a meditation experience to face yourself and experience the spirituality of the samurai.


Per person
184,500 yen (tax included) For 1 participant
110,150 yen (tax included) For 2 participants
92,900 yen (tax included) For 3 participants
79,650 yen (tax included) For 4 participants


*All transportation will be by taxi. (Included in the price)

◆DAY 1
[13:00] Meet at JR Kumamoto Station
Meet the guide at JR Kumamoto Station, and after a brief explanation of the flow of the two-day tour, take a taxi and depart!
[13:30] Shimada Museum of Art
 【Meet Miyamoto Musashi, a Samurai Who Loved Art】Learn about the history of Kumamoto samurai and the character of Miyamoto Musashi.
[15:15] Musashikan Dojo
 【Samurai Experience】Learn the spirit of Miyamoto Musashi, the strongest samurai in Japan.
[16:45] Transfer to a hotel in Kumamoto city
 We will drop you off at your hotel. (Kumamoto city only)
[17:00] Dissolution

*This tour does not include accommodation, so please arrange your accommodation.

◆DAY 2
[09:30] Meet at the hotel lobby
 We will pick you up at your hotel. (Kumamoto city only)
*If participant hotels are different, the pick-up time may vary.
[10:00] Suizenji Park
 【Peace Not War】A walk to learn the aesthetics of Kumamoto's samurai that leads to peace, not war.
[11:10] (Inside the park) Kokin Denju-no-Ma
 【Samurai Aesthetics Cherished in Kumamoto①】Tea time between Kokintenju (matcha and sweets set)
[12:00] Azuma Sushi (Lunch)
 Choose your favorite nigiri lunch
<Soup, Salad, Chawanmushi>
*Depending on the season, there is a possibility that you will be served a different menu.
*If Azuma Sushi is closed, we may change to another restaurant.
[14:00] Higo Inlay
 【Samurai Aesthetics Cherished in Kumamoto②】Tsuba-shaped accessory making experience
[15:45] Reigando Cave
 【Kumamoto Samurai Aesthetics】Finally, at Reigan-do Cave, which is famous as the place where Miyamoto Musashi wrote "The Book of Five Rings," under the guidance of the assistant chief priest, experience meditation. Conclude your journey.
[16:45] drop off to Kumamoto City
 We will drop you off at JR Kumamoto Station or at your hotel. (Kumamoto city only)
[17:30] Dissolution


●DAY1:Shimada Museum of Art [Intro] Meet Miyamoto Musashi, a Samurai Who Loved Art
The Shimada Museum of Art carefully preserves the works of art and historical sites that Miyamoto Musashi, Japan's strongest swordsman from the late Sengoku period to the early Edo period. He spent the rest of his life in this area and nurtured and loved it for future generations. Alongside the exhibits, your guide will introduce you to the spirituality and art of Miyamoto Musashi's final destination.

・Learn about what Musashi Miyamoto left behind in Kumamoto, what the climate of Kumamoto gave him, and the connections between them.
・His spirituality is touched on in the last book he left in his life, “Dogkodo” and “Gorin no sho”, which summarizes his tactics.
・You can feel his artistry from the ink paintings and sculptures he left behind.

●DAY1:Samurai Experience [Experience] Experience Miyamoto Musashi's Samurai Spirit
This is a valuable samurai experience where you can learn real samurai swordsmanship and spirituality from the 18th head of the head family who has inherited for about 380 years, Miyamoto Musashi's Niten Ichiryu style. Learn and experience Kumamoto's unique samurai culture, where you can not only "cut something" but also face your heart.

・Experience Bushido while wearing a kimono, taught directly by Matsunaga-sensei, the 18th head of the family who inherited the style Niten Ichiryu from Japan's strongest samurai Miyamoto Musashi.
・Learn the spirit of Iaido, which is not just about winning a battle with a sword, but also mastering swordsmanship in order to protect while enjoying matcha green tea and Japanese sweets.
・You will receive a samurai training completion certificate and an original tenugui hand towel with your name written on it.

●DAY2:Suizenji Temple Kokin Denju-no-Ma [Study] Peace Not War: A walk to learn the aesthetics of Kumamoto's samurai
Built about 400 years ago as a tea house for the Hosokawa family, the lord of the domain, Suizenji Jojuen Garden is an ancient Japanese garden that took many years to complete. Take a walk through the main shrine of Izumi Shrine, which enshrines the art-loving lord of the Hosokawa Domain, and the Kokin Denju-no-Ma. Discover the art that stopped wars and created a unique history in the world.

・Learn about the aesthetics of Kumamoto's samurai from a guide at Jojuen Garden and the main hall of Izumo Shrine, where ancient Japanese gardens can be seen.
・Discover the art that leads to peace from the story of how art stopped wars, created by Kokindenju-no-ma.

●DAY2:Tea Experience in Kokin Denju-no-ma [Experience] Samurai Aesthetics Cherished in Kumamoto①
Kokin Denju-no-ma was built in Kyoto about 400 years ago and relocated to Suizenji Jojuen Garden in 1912. It praises the elegant charm of Hosokawa Yusai, the lord of the Kumamoto domain, who taught the emperor's younger brother how to write waka poems. While enjoying matcha, which was loved by Kumamoto samurai, you can enjoy the story behind the relocation and the ancient Japanese garden scenery.

・Taste the Hosokawa family's secret traditional sweets and matcha green tea, which were presented to the lord in the Edo period, while looking out at the beautiful garden.
・Learn about the unique Japanese construction hidden during Kokin Denju, which you would not notice without the guide's explanation.

●DAY2:Higo Inlay [Experience] Samurai Aesthetics Cherished in Kumamoto②
Higo Zougan is a metalwork that has been made mainly in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture for about 400 years.
For the samurai, it was also used as a decoration on the tsuba (sword guard). Thanks to the aesthetics of Sansai Hosokawa, one of Sen no Rikyu's disciples and known as a top-notch cultural figure who understands both tea utensils and armor, Higo Tsuba became a brand that was said to be "the tsuba" at the time.
Experience Higo Zougan and feel the art of the samurai by making an original tsuba-shaped accessory!

・ Higo inlay experience taught directly by the fourth-generation craftsman of the historic Ozumi family, which has been passed down from generation to generation.
・ You can make original Higo inlay accessories in the shape of a tsuba.

●DAY2:Reigando Cave Zazen Experience [Closing] Kumamoto Samurai Aesthetics: Face yourself and open your heart

Reigando Cave, located at the foot of Mt. Kinpo, is on the mountain behind Unganzenji Temple, which is known as a mysterious sacred place and is covered with dense trees. It is known that the great swordsman Musashi Miyamoto, who spent the last five years of his life in Kumamoto, hid in this cave and wrote the book of warfare, The Book of Five Rings.
In the Reigando cave, you will experience a quiet meditation and zazen meditation to see how you felt the spirit of the Kumamoto samurai and whether or not your heart has changed.

・The deputy chief priest will guide you through the grounds of Unganzenji Temple, and share stories related to Miyamoto Musashi and Reigando Cave.
・Experience zazen meditation to unify your mind as Miyamoto Musashi did at Reigando Cave, where the Book of Five Rings was written.


  • Duration:2 days
  • Minimum number of participants:1 person (up to 4 people)
  • Meeting point:
    DAY1: JR Kumamoto Station [MAP]
    3-15-1 Kasuga, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 860-0047
    DAY2: hotel in Kumamoto city
  • Tour conductor for 24 hours:Yes
  • Language support:Japanese, English
  • Meals (included in a tour fee):Yes(Breakfast:0, Lunch:1, Dinner:0)
  • Included:
    ・Entrance fees and experience fees for facilities included in the tour itinerary
    ・English interpreter guide fee
    ・Transportation within the tour (taxi fee)
    ・Lunch fee on the second day
  • Excluded:
    ・Accommodation fee
  • Clothes:The footing in Reigan-do Cave on the second day is a little rough, so please wear clothes and shoes that are easy to move in.
  • Participation requirements:
    ・Over 16 years old
    ・Not recommended for travelers with back problems.
    ・Not recommended for pregnant travelers.
  • Other things to note:
    ・This tour does not include accommodation, so please arrange your accommodation.
    ・Pick-up service to accommodation is available only for accommodation in Kumamoto city.
    ・This tour is only available to those over the age of 16.

    [Shimada Museum of Art]
    ・Photography of the exhibits is prohibited.

    [Experience Miyamoto Musashi's Samurai Spirit]
    ・It is dangerous to use an imitation sword, so please follow the teacher's instructions during the experience.
    ・If you are under 155cm, please let us know at the time of booking.

    [Higo Inlay]
    ・After the experience, it takes 2-3 weeks for to finalize the product. We will ship the finished product.
    ・The shipping fee is included in the tour fee, but if you purchase a souvenir and wish to have it shipped together, we may charge an additional fee. In that case, please pay on the spot.

    [Reigando Cave Zazen Experience]
    ・Since it will be an outdoor zazen experience, please wear clothes and shoes that are easy to walk in.
    ・It gets cold in winter, so please wear warm clothes.

    [Lunch on the second day]
    ・Please pay for additional items such as drinks on site.
    *Please note that credit cards cannot be used.

    [About pick-up and drop off]
    ・pick up and drop off service is available for hotels in Kumamoto City.


・Face masks required for travelers in public areas
・Face masks required for guides in public areas
・Social distancing enforced throughout the experience
・Regularly sanitized high-traffic areas
・Gear/equipment sanitized between uses
・Transportation vehicles regularly sanitized
・Guides required to regularly wash hands
・Regular temperature checks for staff
・Paid stay-at-home policy for staff with symptoms


Before booking the tour, please confirm the Tour Terms & Conditions and save the document.


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