Sumo show with Lunch at the Restaurant with the sumo ring

From JPY ¥14,800.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Product code: EN-TKO-1075-10751


■ Overview
Witness a former sumo wrestler will demonstrate sumo wrestling right in front of you, while receiving explanations about the history and movements of sumo. Step onto the dohyo (sumo ring) and even engage in a match with an ex-sumo wrestler. You'll have the special privilege of entering the dohyo, which is usually reserved for professional sumo wrestlers, and you can challenge the former wrestler while wearing a sumo wrestler's costume and a real mawashi (loin cloth)!

■ What is Yokozuna Tonkatsu Dosukoi Tanaka?
Yokozuna Tonkatsu Dosukoi Tanaka is a unique restaurant located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, which features a dohyo (sumo ring). The owner, Yasuhiro Tanaka, is a former professional sumo wrestler who was active as Kaido Yasuhiro under the Tomozuna stable. He achieved victory in the Wanpaku Sumo National Tournament when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school, earning the title of Wanpaku Yokozuna (Young Yokozuna). His highest rank in professional sumo was East Juryo 4th (May 2004 basho). Juryo is a title that you may be familiar with, as it represents the second-highest division in sumo wrestling. Tanaka-san was recognized as a true professional sumo wrestler and maintained this Juryo rank for many years.

■ Why did he decide to create a restaurant with a sumo ring and provide entertainment experiences?
While many people in Japan and from around the world are interested in sumo, such as attending sumo tournaments or observing morning training sessions, there aren't many places that can answer questions about it. By providing a space where people can experience sumo through interactions with former sumo wrestlers, we aim to fulfill the "WHY" that our customers have and create a place where they can truly enjoy sumo as entertainment.

■ The significance of stepping onto the dohyo
The dohyo is considered a sacred space for sumo wrestlers, and it is not accessible to the general public. Rituals such as the kami-okuri (ceremony to invite the gods) and Dohyo Matsuri (sumo ring festival) that take place on the dohyo are deeply rooted in the long history of sumo. Sumo is regarded as the oldest sport in Japan, with records dating back to ancient texts such as the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki. Initially, it was a ritual to predict the harvest of crops for the year, but over time, it transformed into the form of professional sumo that we know today. The rituals performed on the dohyo are evidence of the traditions and customs that have been passed down for approximately 1500 years, making it a profoundly sacred space.


  • Witness a sumo demonstration by former sumo wrestlers right before your eyes!
  • Experience sumo wrestling with the ex-sumo wrestlers on the sacred dohyo, where ordinary people are not allowed to step foot!
  • Indulge in a hearty tonkatsu set meal!
  • Held regularly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


[12:45] Opening/Reception: Please come to the reception 15 minutes before the start time.

[13:00] Meals: Lunch will be served after you are seated.

[13:20] Sumo show (demonstration): Former sumo wrestlers explain and demonstrate the history and techniques of sumo.

[14:30] Sumo wrestling experience/commemorative photo: Wear a costume and challenge a former sumo wrestler. Take a commemorative photo.

[15:00] End: After taking a commemorative photo, the tour will be finished.


① Meals
 ・Meals include: Tonkatsu (pork), shredded cabbage, potato salad, rice, vanilla ice cream (no other items included)
 ・We can accommodate vegetarians, so please be sure to let us know in the request column on the reservation information input screen.
 ・We cannot accommodate meal changes on the day of the event.
 ・Meals will be served in order of those who come first.
 ・The venue will open 15 minutes before. (Please note that you cannot receive guidance if you arrive earlier than this.)

② Sumo wrestling demonstration by a former sumo wrestler
 ・Learn about basic actions and tricks.
 ・Witness a serious match.

③ Challenge a former sumo wrestler
 ・You can try on a sumo wrestler's costume and try an actual match.

④ Commemorative photo
 ・Take pictures with your family or group. If there is a pose you would like, please talk to the sumo wrestler directly!

⑤ Question time for former sumo wrestlers
 ・They will answer any questions you may have about sumo.


  • Time:2 hours
  • Meeting point:Yokozuna Tonkatsu Dosukoi tanaka
    3-1-11 Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0023
  • Access:
    Toei Shinjuku Line Kikugawa Station: 5-minute walk from Exit A1
    Toei Shinjuku Line/Toei Oedo Line Morishita Station: 8-minute walk from Exit A5
    ★ Surrounding landmarks
    ・Supermarket Life Kikugawa
    ・Chuka Park
  • Language support:Japanese, English
  • Included:
    ・Watch sumo, experience sumo (including costumes and photography)
    ・Lunch (Tonkatsu: pork, shredded cabbage, potato salad, rice, vanilla ice cream)
     * We can also cater for people with dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, halal, allergies, etc.). In that case, please be sure to let us know in the request column of the reservation information input screen)
  • Excluded:
    ・Menu items other than the provided lunch (alcoholic beverages such as alcohol, additional drinks, etc.)
  • Participation requirements:
    ・Children's fee for 4 to 11 years old available (with meals and seats).
    ・Children over 12 years old will be charged an adult price.
    ・For groups of 16 or more, please inquire separately as rates differ.
  • Free Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Toilet:Yes
  • Other things to note:※Please be sure to read in advance※

    ・This plan is a request reservation.
     After completing the advance payment, you will be able to apply, but you may not be able to reserve your requested day due to seat restrictions.
     In that case, please note that we will offer a different date or a full refund.

    [Before reception - at reception]
    ・We do not accept registrations before the opening time. Please be sure to check in from 12:45, 15 minutes before.
    ・Depending on the number of participants, you may be seated at a different table even if you are in the same group.
     Please note that seat requests are not accepted.

    [About meals]
    ・If you have any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, allergy, etc.), please be sure to contact us in advance.

    [During shows and sumo wrestling]
    ・Please follow the instructions of the staff on the day of the event.
    ・Please note that we are not responsible for any troubles, accidents, thefts, injuries, etc. in the venue.
    ・The show will start on time, so please be sure to arrive at the check-in time.
    ・Customers who do not follow the rules and manners, or who cause trouble for other customers may be asked to leave. (There is no refund in that case)
    ・No refunds will be given for early departure.
    ・Please note that the price will be the same regardless of whether you participate in the sumo experience or not.

    [Other things to note]
    ・Please note that the price will change during the busy season (from Mar 15 to Apl 30).


7 to 4 days before the tour date 40% of the tour price
3 to 2 days before the tour date 60% of the tour price
The day before the tour date, on the day of the tour 100% of the tour price
※Right after the online settlement is made, a cancellation fee of 10% will be incurred in case of cancellation.
※The cancellation fee includes handling charges.