Explore the Nature that Inspired Ghibli Movies on an Exciting Kayak Tour (Half Day)

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  • Varighet: 3 Timer (ca.)
  • Lokasjon: Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
  • Produktkode: EN-HSM-4021-40211


Explore the history-rich port town of Tomonoura, a source of pride for Japan, on a 3-hour guided kayak tour from the sea, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of a historical stroll from the water.

Tomonoura, known as the 'Tide-waiting Port,' is situated right in the center of the Seto Inland Sea and has long been a town that welcomes and bids farewell to travelers. The landscape of the Seto Inland Sea viewed from Tomonoura is so breathtaking that it is said to be "Japan's most beautiful scenic spot" boasting a beautiful scenery that remains unchanged over time.

Moreover, this town has served as a filming location for numerous movies and dramas, including the Studio Ghibli film 'Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.'

In this tour, your guide will lead you through either the Abuto Kannon or Sensui Island course, according to your preference. Abuto Kannon is a structure perched on cliffs that extend into the sea, believed to have inspired characters in Studio Ghibli films. The panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea from here will undoubtedly create unforgettable memories.

Sensui Island, a power spot where ancient nature still thrives, derives its name from being an 'island that makes even hermits intoxicated from its beauty.' Paddle along the coastline that retains the appearance of ancient times, and enjoy adventurous moments kayaking through rocky passages.

◆ Sea Kayak Guide: Murakami Yasuhiro
Born in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. A certified guide by the Japan Recreational Canoe Association with over 20 years of guiding experience. "I want you to experience an exciting journey in Tomonoura, touching the history of our predecessors, feeling the atmosphere of the port town, and meeting local people! I look forward to welcoming everyone to the Tide-waiting Port of Tomonoura, where the charm of the Edo period lingers!"


  • Experience the historic port town of Tomonoura from the sea on a unique sea kayak tour.
  • Explore locations associated with Studio Ghibli and Hollywood movies on an adventurous sea kayak journey.
  • Join veteran local guide Mr. Murakami to meet charming locals and immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Marvel at the breathtaking views from Abuto Kannon, a structure extending into the sea.
  • Enjoy the changing natural landscapes with each season on the stunning Sensui Island, known as "Japan's most beautiful scenic spot"


*Choose from two start times, 9:00 or 13:30.
*The following course is just an example. Depending on the sea conditions on the day and the physical condition of the participants, the guide will adjust the course.

[9:00 / 13:30] Kayaker's CAFE
Complete insurance and other procedures and change into kayaking gear.

[9:30 / 14:00] Kayaker's CAFE
Learn how to paddle and listen to a safety explanation.

[10:00 / 14:30] Tomonoura
Floating the sea kayak from the ganki (historic Edo-period stairs leading down to the sea), the journey begins. Viewing the port town of Tomonoura from the sea is a unique experience only possible with sea kayaking. Enjoy the charming scenery of the town.

[11:00 / 15:30] Abuto Kannon OR Sensuijima Island
・Abuto Kannon
The structure, built to extend into the sea, is truly impressive when looked up at from the kayak! After landing, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea.

・Sensuijima Island
Head towards the beach that can only be reached by kayak, and experience the ancient nature along the way.

At times, there might be delightful surprises depending on the season, such as fish jumping or the appearance of Finless Porpoise!

[12:00 / 16:30] Kayaker's CAFE
Return to Tomonoura on the kayak, the journey concludes.


  • Duration:3 hours
  • Meeting point:Kayaker's Cafe [MAP]
    849, Tomocho-tomo, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima 720-0201
  • Access:
    From Hiroshima station with the shinkansen and bus: 1 hour 15 min.
    From 'Fukuyama station' on JR Lines: take the Tomotetsu bus (to Tomo, 37 min) and get off at Tomo-kou. Walk for 3 minutes.
    Walk for 180 meters in a southwestward direction near the Prefectural Highway 22 along the seashore and turn left at the intersection. On your left side, you will find the Kayaker's Cafe.
    *Approximately 5,000 yen by taxi from Fukuyama Station.
  • Language support:Japanese, English (The guide's English is not fluent.)
  • Included: 
    ・Experience fee
    ・Guide fee
    ・Rental fee of all kayak equipment
  • Items to bring:
    ・Spare clothes(Change of clothes)
    ・Waterproofing measures for smartphones
  • Clothes:
    *We offer kayak shoes for rental; please provide your shoe size when making a reservation.

    Clothing Suggestions:
    ●Swimming Season (June to October):
    Attire that can get wet (it is recommended to wear swimwear underneath), hat, sunglasses.

    ●For Spring and Fall (November, and around April to May):
    Quick-drying T-shirts, nylon outerwear, comfortable pants, hat, sunglasses.
    *Paddle jackets are available for rental.

    ●Winter Season (December to March):
    While on the Kayak:
    Quick-drying T-shirts, fleece or other mid-layer clothing, nylon outerwear, warm and flexible pants, knit cap, nylon gloves.
    Upon Landing:
    Down jackets or other garments to retain warmth.
  • Participation requirements :
    ・Over 3 years old
    ・Not recommended for travelers with back problems.
    ・Not recommended for pregnant travelers.
    ・Not recommended for travelers with heart problems or other serious medical conditions.
  • Free Wi-Fi:No
  • Toilet:Yes (Western Style)
  • Other things to note:
    ・There is a possibility that the tour may be combined with other customers.
    ・The tour may be canceled depending on the weather on the day. In such cases, the assigned guide will contact customers by 6:00 PM on the previous day. A full refund will only be provided if the organizer determines a cancellation in advance (the tour will proceed in light rain).
    ・Even if a decision to proceed with the tour has been made, sudden weather changes on the day may lead to a safety-first decision to cancel.
    ・Please take care of waterproof measures for your smartphone on your own.
    ・Please be aware that the natural conditions such as weather, sea conditions, tides on the day of the event, and the level and health of participants may lead to changes in the course.
    ・The end time may vary depending on the situation.
    ・In the case of a jointly held tour with other participants, if you are late due to your circumstances, there is a possibility of departure without waiting. In such cases, please note that a 100% cancellation fee will be applied as a same-day cancellation. (Please contact us in advance if you anticipate being late.)


Until 72 hours before the experience start time: 0%
From 72 hours before the experience start time to start time: 100%
Cancellation after the experience has started or cancellation without contact: 100%