Guided Night Exploration of Kanazawa's Samurai Culture

From JPY ¥8,650.00
  • Duration: 120 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Kanazawa, Ishikawa
  • Product code: EN-ISK-7122-71221


This plan entails a unique night-walking tour that offers a different, more intimate perspective than what you'd find in a daytime tour. A local English speaking guide will show you around local roads that are usually inaccessible for general sightseeing. While visiting each spot and listening to the history of Kanazawa's samurai culture from your guide, you will get a sense of the deep history of Kanazawa.


  • A local guide will show you many lesser-known spots in Kanazawa.
  • There are tons of picturesque photo spots to take advantage of!
  • An English-speaking guide will provide all explanations, so language barriers will not be a problem.
  • You can enjoy dynamic views as the seasons change.
  • Learn about the samurai history of Kanazawa!


Meeting in front of the Mister Donut Kanazawa Musashi Shop (6:45 p.m.) →Night walk tour starts (7 p.m.) →Dismissal around Korinbo (around 9 p.m.)
《Total walking distance: about 4 kilometers》


In a much more silent and intimate atmosphere than that of daytime, you will walk in the castle town of Kanazawa, which holds lingering traces of the samurai era. You can also see old, historic Japanese monuments that still stand due to Kanazawa escaping the flames of war. Appreciate the differences between daytime and night-time and between the seasons, like cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves in autumn. Please enjoy the magnificent views of Kanazawa while listening to the history of the city. 

 <Contents of the course> 

1. Owaricho/Kazuemachi-Chayagai/Higashi-Chayagai districts

You will first walk through Owaricho, the former economic center of Kanazawa during the samurai era, where many authentic and stately buildings remain.

The tour goes through a lively back alley to the Chayagai district. Then, following the calm and gently-lighted Asano riverside alley, you are shown to both Kazuemachi-Chayagai and Higashi-Chayagai districts.

While full of hustle and bustle in the daytime, Chayagai districts become mystical at night. If you strain your ears, you may hear a geisha's shamisen in the distance. The Asano River is an important river deeply involved with Kanazawa's history and lifestyle. Four bridges in different styles on the Asano River are illuminated, creating a majestic atmosphere.

2. Otebori Moat

Otebori is a moat lined with the stone walls that surround the Kanazawa Castle. The water has never been drained, so its appearance has not changed since the Edo Period. Also known as the "Stone Wall Museum," the stone walls surrounding the castle stand out when lit up at night. Enjoy the combination of its nighttime illumination and the magnificent scenery. In addition, seasonal expressions such as cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in autumn are worth looking out for. 

 3. Oyama Shrine

Oyama Shrine, known with its peculiar Go-Shinmon Gate, is dedicated to Toshiie Maeda, the founder of the Kaga Domain. The particularity of the main gate, inspired by Japanese, Oriental, and Occidental styles, is marked by the stained glass mounted in it. 

 4. Nagamachi Bukeyashiki Samurai residences

The last stop will be the Nagamachi Bukeyashiki, where the old Samurai residences still remain and also where some citizens live. The elegance of the old streets with stone pavements and earthen walls will have you immersed in the ancient culture of Japan. 

 (After the end of the tour)

Depending on your request, it is possible to take you around to local restaurants.

※ The dinner charge is not included in the tour fees.


  • Time:2 hours
  • Meeting point:In front of Mister Donut Kanazawa Musashi Shop
    1F, Omicho-Ichibakan 88 Aokusamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken 920-0907
    ※The guide will be waiting for you holding a sign.
  • Access: 1.2 kilometers from JR Kanazawa station. (About 15-minute walk)
    For bus, take Hokutetsu Bus No. 6 to 9 or "Machi-Bus" from Kanazawa Station East Exit.
    If you get off at "Musashigatsuji" stop, right in front of the bus stop is Omicho Market.
  • Language support:English, Japanese
  • Included:English guide fee
  • Excluded:Pickup at the hotel, meals, drinks
  • Clothes:Please come in comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Age requirement:Aged 12 and over
  • Free Wi-Fi:X
  • Toilet:〇(Japanese and Western-style)
    ※ There are several bathrooms on the tour course. They will be indicated to you during
          the tour.
  • Other things to note:
    ・ This tour will be run from a minimum of 2 people (maximum 6 people).
    ・ The temperature may get low at night during winter. Please take sufficient measures against the cold.
    ・ Please be aware that the tour may be canceled if the minimum of 2 people is not reached.
    ・ The tour may not be carried out due to meteorological conditions. You will be informed of the cancelation by 5 p.m. the day before, or on the day of the tour.
    ・ You can leave at any moment during the tour. Please inform the guide before leaving.
    ・ There are bathrooms and automatic vending machines on the tour course. However,
          it is highly recommended to prepare your drinks and to use bathrooms before the
          tour begins.
    ・ Please follow the guide's instructions, as the roads may be dark or narrow.
    ・ Expecting mothers can attend the tour. However, please take your physical conditions
         into consideration before making reservations.
    ・ The tour starts at 7 p.m. from April to November, and at 6 p.m. from December.


7 to 4 days before the tour date   40% of the tour price
3 to 2 days before the tour date   60% of the tour price
The day before the tour date, on the day of the tour   100% of the tour price
※Right after the online settlement is made, a cancellation fee of 10% will be incurred
    in case of cancellation.
※The cancellation fee includes handling charges.